About Me

My name is Pamela Davis, and I write books about the Gaiaverse. 

I live a very quiet life where I enjoy writing, cooking, crocheting, and reading. I remember writing my first story in second grade. It was about a riding into space in a rocket ship. Writing is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. Gaia Dreams was my first novel and the beginning of the Gaiaverse series.

Returning to school after a twenty year break, I received a bachelor’s degree from Smith College in Anthropology.  Gaia Dreams was a direct result of those studies, many of which looked at the relationship between humans and the environment.  Along the way, the question of ‘what if…’ arose.  After years of reading disaster novels, I began to wonder if writing one could be even more exciting than reading one.  Gaia Dreams combined my love of research and disaster novels into one giant fun project.

Once I was finished writing that first book, I couldn’t seem to get the characters out of my mind. After wondering for months about what happened next to them, I started writing the next book. It was an intense three-month roller coaster ride of writing that ended in Book 2 of the Gaiaverse, Gaia Lives.

I am a grandmother of three adorable kids.  I have been known to play a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Final Fantasy XI, on a regular basis. I have worked as a web designer, a life insurance claims analyst, a medical case manager and a funeral home make-up artist. I am currently at work on the third Gaiaverse novel.

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