About the Gaiaverse blog hiatus

I have no excuses. None. Of course, I could have kept my blog going, but alas, I just didn’t.

snowybalcony3Truth be told, the main reason the blog writing stopped is that I stopped writing the third Gaiaverse book…again. I think because it is a complex story, if other things intrude from my life, I don’t have the focus to work on it. However, I now have things lined up to actually finish the book. I re-read the story, which was a bit over 300 pages long, last week during yet another snowfall. It gives me great pleasure to report that I immediately got right back into what was going on with all my characters…and there are a fair few. I still haven’t decided if I should add an appendix with the names of every character and their roles, or instead add a cast of characters list to the front of the book.

This book takes place five years after the second one. It is fun to see how the characters have grown and changed in that time. For instance, Samantha, Sam, is now twelve, which is a very different age than when we last saw her in book two. The story includes danger, adventure, politics, paranormal abilities, new technologies, and of course, the Gaia mind. As the town moves beyond pure survival, they have tough choices to make about how the community will function best for all the Gaians, old and new.

I’ll have to stop writing this blogpost now as I find that I’m tempted to start giving away all sorts of information about the characters in this book. I’ll keep posting to let people know when we get close to the time of publishing the third book, so that you can re-read Gaia Dreams and Gaia Lives before it comes out.

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