Where the Gaiaverse began…

hosta plants Back again to blog. I meant to show up sooner, but time got away from me. The picture is of some hosta plants in front of my apartment building. I’m surprised anything is still green and leafy with all the heat we’ve had. I know, we aren’t having 118 degree heat like out in Phoenix, but the humidity is killer. I’m spending my time inside air conditioning at my computer. Except for yesterday. I was sorting through some old files and ran across a notebook I thought I’d lost. It had all kinds of research notes for the third Gaiaverse book. I am very excited to have that information back. Just shows me I should always copy things over to the computer, but at least this time I got lucky.

Smith College I shot this photo from a car as we drove by one of the entrances to Smith College the other day, my old alma mater. I enjoyed going to Smith and learned a lot. And of course, the Gaiaverse started during my time there. At least half my classes, if not more, were direct research for the first book, Gaia Dreams. I studied Anthropology there, along with a number of courses on the effects of human cultures on the environment. I was even fortunate enough to take a class called ‘Natural Disasters’ that was very useful. I had one creative writing course taught by a marvelous professor, Sherry Marker. Her class inspired me to keep writing when I was ready to give up at one point, and I’ll be forever grateful to her for that.

The third Gaiaverse book is progressing slowly but surely. I refuse to say when I think it will be completed because then, of course, I would miss the deadline. ;)

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