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photo of Arizona hills

Outside Phoenix? or Alien Landscape?

This photo comes from my trip to Arizona back at the end of January this year. I was looking at it and immediately had an idea for a science fiction novel. The rocky, almost barren landscape that looks down onto a valley filled with rows and rows of houses. But from that viewpoint, they could be rows and rows of anything. I have to admit that the regimented look of all those streets laid out so straight does feel a bit alien to me, coming from New England. The old towns in the oldest part of the country, where I live, very rarely have straight streets.

Then there’s the heat in Phoenix. Whenever I hear of temperatures over 100 degrees, it’s easy for me to consider it an alien environment. But what kind of aliens? Aliens who like heat and straight rows of streets, perhaps a militaristic society or dictatorship. A society that has been at war for so long, they don’t know how to live at peace. In fact, peace is such an anathema to the higher-ups that they must create wars to keep control of the population. Until one day…

Yes, that’s how the story would start. I’m not sure yet just when I’ll have time to write it. Soon, hopefully.

I’m in need of another music group to listen to when I write. Everything feels like I’ve heard it death. Adele, Lady Antebellum, Florence & the Machine have been listened to so often that I know every note. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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