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Writing can be a funny thing, full of ups and downs, superstitions and habits. For me to really get into the zone when I’m writing, I must have several things.

First, the headphones must be on my head with my playlist going. Each book has its own playlist. Occasionally a few songs will carry over to the new book. My brain gets so accustomed to hearing these songs whenever I sit down at the keyboard, my mind knows it’s time to write, like flipping a switch.

Second, is a new requirement. I’ve taken to wearing these macrame and beaded bracelets. I like the way the beads clink together as I’m typing or thinking. When I sit down at the computer and put on the bracelets I feel more like a writer. No idea why.

Third, when I start out the day of writing it must be with a cup of coffee at my side. Sometimes I miss not having the cigarettes right there too, but usually I’m too grateful that I quit for that feeling to last long. As the day progresses I switch to water to drink, but coffee is a requirement to get the day started. I’ve considered adding an alcoholic beverage at the end of the day, but have not yet succumbed to that idea.

Could I write if I didn’t have those three things in place? Well, yes. But it wouldn’t be as much fun!

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