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Gaia Dreams I don’t expect that the sequel to Gaia Dreams will be out until after July or August of this year. I have not yet gotten back to book three–I seem to need that second book to be published before going further for some reason.

The romance writing experiment, under my other name Nicole Smith, continues. There is one short story up on Amazon, Passion Lives On. I have finished another romance which is kind of a romance/thriller. It is called Love On Loan. I’m so used to writing big long books that it is strange for me to write at a shorter length–but I do think it is good for me. Stretching ourselves as writers is important. It seems to me that when I return to the Gaiaverse series, these experiments in another genre can only enhance the writing.

If the weather will cooperate we will soon have warmer weather here. I am anxious to have it be warm enough to run the air conditioner. I am convinced that I think better in air conditioning. It goes along with my love of motel rooms, with the air conditioner blasting cold air. There is nothing so comfy as pulling on a cardigan sweater in the AC-cooled air. I am aware that my previous statement is an environmental outrage.

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