another interview

I had another internet radio interview the other day. It can be heard at internet voices radio by clicking on the play button under Pamela Davis. It was interesting to talk again about the first book, Gaia Dreams after being away from it for a while. It made me remember how much fun it was to write.

I plan to return to the third book in the next week or so. I’ve detoured into writing some romance under another name. It has probably been good for me to stretch myself as a writer into another genre. It also made me consider adding more romance to the third Gaiaverse book, but ultimately I think there is a specific feel to the books that I don’t want to disrupt.

The unseasonably warm weather we had last week here in New England made me think again about how little we really understand this planet and its weather cycles. Sometimes I think my writing of the disaster novels dealing with the Earth as an entity with a plan is my attempt to make sense of the things that don’t make sense to me in real life. I do think that there are random events that happen. But I also think there may be more order in the chaos than we realize.

Here’s a link to Nicole Smith’s paranormal romance: “Passion Lives On”, a short story.

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