travels, interviews, and illness

I have been playing around with some short story writing since I finished the editing on the second Gaiaverse book. It is fun but challenging to try and write only 10,000 words or less.

I spent a week in Texas visiting family and had a lovely time. Then I came home and got sick. I usually get sick after travel on an airplane. The idea that I have the virus that will end all human life creeps into my mind by about the 3rd day of being sick. Alas, it was only the common cold.

I’m preparing to do two radio interviews on the internet during March. I’m always nervous before one of these. Also my phone has started acting up, so I will be spending some time in my closet trying to find my previous phone.

That’s my update for this week. Not much happening but I am almost recovered so I expect to be back to writing soon.

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