back to work

I’m back! After a break of a couple of months of avoiding the keyboard, I’m back on track and writing again. I’m also editing–my second book in the Gaiaverse is through the first edit and now it’s my job to put in some hard work on rewrites and fixes. It is a lot of fun to return to the story after being away from it for four or five months. I find myself thinking, ‘ooh I didn’t expect that’ — which is somewhat crazy since I wrote all of it.

I have a couple more weeks to finish up the editing then I’m off to visit my grandkids. That should be loads of fun.

One thing I’ve realized is that I live my life better when I’m writing. I became a bit slothful during my writing break. I need the focus of putting words on the page every day to keep my life in order. Writing gives me energy…and it makes me happy. Okay…sometimes it makes me want to bash my head against a wall, but generally speaking I am happier while writing!

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