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I wanted to mention here that losing power (and hot water) for two and a half days after the big winter storm of October was an eye-opener. For someone who has written about surviving disasters, I discovered that I was not at all prepared for one. Since then I have ordered a radio that runs on solar power or by hand crank, bought more flashlights and batteries, as well as more canned food to have on the shelves for emergencies. I really like the radio because I can charge my cell phone with it–it has a usb port.

My experiences during the power outage were fairly boring. I slept a LOT. I got to know my neighbors a bit better as we gathered in the hall where the building generator gave us minimal light there. I was thankful for my next door neighbor who fed me pumpkin muffins when I ran out of food. I kept thinking, “use this time to add to your writer’s storehouse of experiences” — HA! I’ve decided that my creativity needs electricity to function.

We got power back and it was a time of rejoicing. I have never loved a hot shower as much as I did the one I took after the hot water came back. When the lights functioned again it was as if my brain woke up too. Suddenly I was ready to write. I come away from this whole thing knowing mainly that I am not great in disasters.

Other news:

Barnes and Noble has picked up Gaia Dreams for shelf placement in their stores. I am very excited and thankful about that, and can’t wait to go see it on their shelves.

The contract has been sent back to the publisher for the second book in the series. Editing soon to come.

If anyone has read Gaia Dreams and not reviewed it yet on amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com please, please go review it as soon as possible. The more reviews it has, the better. Even if it is only a one-liner, it will be appreciated.

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