partaking of the forbidden fruit


Yummy goodness.

Fruit of the forbidden tree.
The fruits of our labor.

I was looking at these peaches today and it occurred to me that I’ve been partaking of the forbidden fruit of thinking for the past ten days. (Yes, I know the apple was the original fruit but I’m going with peaches since they were on hand.) I think that sometimes writers forget to take time to think. We start feeling the pressure to produce, to write more novels and to write them faster. In these chaotic days of self-publishing, 99-cent books, and the wild ride of ebook sales, the drive to come up with more books is overwhelming. People are out there shooting out books left and right–and some of them just aren’t that good.

There is another way. The way of rationality instead of chaos. Don’t get me wrong–chaos can be its own useful tool at times. But there is great benefit in letting yourself think before writing. There is a positive aspect to not writing, of taking a break even in mid-story.

For the past ten days or so I’ve been away from the keyboard. Why? Because I could feel myself pushing the story, forcing it. No good can come from that. When the story is on the right track, the writing flows. Yes I know that there are writers out there who talk of every sentence being a struggle, a battle. But my own experience has been of getting in the zone and having the writing flow out of me. This book has not gone that route. There have been many stops and starts. Finally I decided to walk away and just think. Really think. Let the old brain cells sit with the story and examine it. I decided to get rid of the crazy-making pressure I was feeling with my need to force the story.

Will this break have made a difference? Well, I’m starting back to work on the book very soon. I can’t help but believe that letting my mind do some thinking about the story can only be a positive thing. I am hoping that the fruits of my thinking will be succulent, juicy and luscious.

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