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I received a lovely review of my book, Gaia Dreams, the other day from Peg Robarchek. You can see it at amazon In her review she writes,

By the end of the book, I wanted to live in the world Davis birthed and take part in the earth’s new beginning.

That comment made me realize that I too want to live in that world. I think that feeling is a part of what motivated me to write the second book and to now be writing a third, all placed in what I call the Gaiaverse.

Sometimes I find it hard to see any hope in the world we all live in day to day. It seems like the future looms ahead of us shrouded in gloom and doom, and that nothing can change it. In the story told in Gaia Dreams, it took something cataclysmic to change the world. But the story ended with hope. I think hope is what my favorite disaster novels have in common with my book. Much may be destroyed, but if there is hope for a future, a new beginning, then we come away feeling refreshed and regenerated, more ready to face our own real life futures.

When I wrote the first book, I never intended to continue the story. But the Gaiaverse got to me. I could see the place in my mind, I could understand the people, their hopes and dreams, and I wanted to know what happened to them. Would they flourish in their new world? Would they learn any lessons from the past? Would they make it a true new beginning? I hope I am answering those questions in the second and third books in the Gaiaverse.

There have been books in my life that, when they ended, I just wanted to cry because that was the end of the story. I wanted more! I wanted to know what happened to all those friends I made while reading about their lives. For the first time in my life, I can make that happen. It feels…incredibly fun!

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