cliff jumping

bookI feel like I jumped off a cliff tonight in my writing. I found myself at a point in the story where I could take the easy route, do what seemed normal and safe–or, I could take a risk. I chose to gamble, gamble on my readers being willing to follow me down the path of difference, of the unexpected.

I think as writers we are all in need of the unexpected. If I’m writing and I find I’m getting bored, it’s usually because I’ve fallen into the trap of “writing safe” instead of exploring new avenues and ideas. When I am reading a book, I find that the same thing applies. Books that are predictable are just not as much fun as the ones that offer something surprising.

The thing is, it’s a bit scary to stray from the expected, to venture into the unknown. For me, it requires taking a few gulps of coffee and pushing away from the keyboard to think and to get my nerve up–then I take the plunge. Once I get over that initial leap, it turns out I’m not falling at all, but am instead, flying.

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