after the storm

after the stormThe good news is that Hurricane Irene did not impact my life, aside from spending way too many hours watching TV reporters stand in water. The bad news of course, is that so many millions are without power, many trees are down, rivers are up, and most of all, people died.

The experience was an important one I think, because who knows when we will be hit by an even bigger storm on the eastern seaboard. For some people it was more like a drill, for others it was life and death or loss of property. I think we’ll see more of these storms in the future.

There seemed to be a feeling of letdown, almost disappointment, coming from some of the reporters yesterday. It was as if they wanted to see a bigger storm, more destruction in NYC. Did they really? I don’t think so, but I do think it is human nature to enjoy the roller coaster. The fear, the dread, the thrill of danger is something many enjoy. When we hear a disaster is coming, there is that hidden little hope that we will be tested to our limits, that we will know the adrenalin spike of fear as we prove ourselves to ourselves.

Thankfully, most of us were not put in that kind of challenging position this past weekend. Instead, we let the water drain out of the tub, put away the candles and flashlights, saved the go-bag list on the computer, and stared at the gazillion bottles of water stored in the fridge. We dodged a bullet with this storm. Even with the damage that was done, it could have been so much worse.

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