all the pretty colors

colored pencils I love writing utensils. Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and in this case, colored pencils. No matter how much time I spend on the computer, I will always love trying out a new pen, or sharpening my pencil to a fine point.

Colored pencils are a treat that I use when coloring in a fancy coloring book. Coloring, you ask. At my age? Yes, absolutely. There are some wonderful coloring books that are too complex for the kiddos and are just right for soothing away any stress. I’m currently using this one on fairies as an anxiety reducer. One thing I like about coloring is how you can stop and start at any time. There is no rush to finish a picture, no deadline. Another plus is how I can think about all kinds of things as my hands and eyes work on making a pretty picture. Sometimes when I am stuck at some point in the book I’m writing now, I take time out and color. The soft susurration of the colored pencil across the page provides a backdrop for my thoughts as they bounce off the walls of my mind. Usually, at some point, the ideas begin to coalesce into…a pretty picture.

Will using colored pencils in a coloring book make you a famous author? I wish. But just looking at the colors and picking out your favorite, or one to match your mood–these are things that can give you a moment’s happiness. In life, I believe in happiness, but I don’t believe it lasts for very long. I think what we should strive for are moments of happiness. And hold on tight when they happen. Relish them. Cherish them, because they are what allows us to move on with our lives, to keep going, keep hoping.

So go out and buy some colored pencils, or crayons, markers, charcoal, pastels, or any other fun thing you can think of from childhood. Claim those tools as your own in adulthood. You’ll have fun…I promise.

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  1. Lisa Hazard says:

    I love coloring with the boys. Sometimes we paint, too. I just discovered painting through Mikie and while I’m creative (terrible) at it, I find great pleasure in painting all kinds of cats. For some reason, when I try to paint something else, it just isn’t as fun. Nothing is as beautiful to me as a cat.

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