time for coffee

coffee and cup Java–a cup of joe–no matter what you call it, coffee is one of the best things on the planet. Here’s a photo of my current favorite brand that I can always find in my grocery store, along with one of my favorite cups. I like how whimsical the cup is, with roses and fancy chairs done in black and white, and the rim is a bit delicate which makes me feel more elegant than I ever am in real life.

Coffee is where the buzz comes from after waking up bleary-eyed, hair mussed, and in need of a toothbrush. Coffee is the blast in the afternoon, to kick up the energy when it is needed the most. Coffee is that enchantingly smooth drink that puts the perfect end on dinner.

Whether you drink it morning, noon, or night, I’d bet you have a favorite way of taking it–with sugar, with cream or half and half, with both, black. But these days you can get more out of coffee. You can get a turbo shot, something I just recently heard about. I think it’s a shot of espresso put into a coffee drink like iced coffee. These day’s coffee comes in all kinds of amazing drinks–latte, espresso, frappuccino, macchiato, cappuccino, cafe au lait. I’m sure that aficionados of any of those drinks would declare their loyalty to them.

In my case, however, I love the simple cup of coffee with a splash of half and half. That’s it. Perked in an old Farberware percolator. Give me that every morning and I’m one happy camper. I’d have to say that coffee has been my friend as I write. I so often find myself writing in the early morning hours soon after waking up that it’s no wonder coffee would be at my side. Without the coffee I’d probably be writing a mishmash of gobbledygook.

There’s nothing like typing away and then sitting back and sipping my coffee as I re-read the scene I just finished writing. It’s a kind of celebration. Sometimes I find that my characters are drinking coffee when I am. It is just one of the ways that pieces of me end up on the page. Other times, as I sit drinking my coffee it is a solace because I am unhappy with what is on the page and have to rewrite.

Why go on and on about my love of coffee? Well, I’m trying very hard not to go on and on about it being only 5 more days until the book is out. EEK. I think I need to go perk some more coffee. But maybe it should be decaf.

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  1. Lisa Hazard says:

    I drank black coffee all my life until I moved in with Mikie. He drinks cream and sugar, but after occasionally taking sips of his, I started craving creamer. So now half the time I do black, the other half super creamy.

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