the splat of tomatoes

Tomatoes. Tomatoes being tossed at my book. This is the image I woke up to this morning. As the date grows nearer to the release of the book (July 12th!!!), I find my anxiety level grows higher. What can I say? It’s my FIRST BOOK!

A close friend asked me the other day what would happen on July 12th. I thought about it for a minute and then realized and said, “Absolutely nothing!” I find myself thinking about the release date as if there will be big announcements on CNN, with the book cover splashed all over television and computer screens worldwide. It feels to me as if the book will be delivered to every home in America on that day. But no, the only thing that will happen is that it will become available to the public.

Why does it feel so intense? Why does that day seem so fraught with impending doom or greatness, depending on what moment I’m in? I think because the book is like having a piece of me out there, out in the world for all to see who read it. It took a long time to write and I think I did put a piece of me, quite a few pieces actually, into the book. The feeling is almost like waiting for a child to be born, watching the calendar as the time counts down.

Naturally this has led to all kinds of trouble when it comes to working on the second book. It somestimes makes it difficult to focus on the current work. Today, however, was a good day for writing. I got a nice long scene written and then took the time to do a grammar/spell check. I don’t trust grammar checks, but I do find them useful for picking up some things I might have missed.

Hopefully there will be no tomatoes thrown at my precious first book as it enters the world view. I’m not worried. It’s a big book (622 pages!). It can handle whatever comes.

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