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kindle pic I have always been a lover of books. Hardback or paperback, old or new, the feeling of books was one I thought I could never give up. The thought of e-books was anathema to me. Then I began to develop arthritis in my hands–yes, a writer with arthritic hands typing away on a keyboard! Somehow I don’t notice it much when I’m typing. But holding a book as I read it, that is more problematic. I found that I couldn’t enjoy the book reading experience nearly as much as before.

I decided to go for it, and bought a kindle. It’s wonderful! No more aching hands, because it is so lightweight. I can still bookmark pages and it will remember where I last stopped reading. The font can be adjusted to larger or smaller sizes–something I appreciate. One of the coolest factors is that there are wonderful kindle books at low prices.

I realize I sound like a commercial for kindle. I guess what I’m most thrilled by is the notion that books will continue in the future. I’ve read science fiction for most of my life, and in some of those fictional futures, books were either lost or in limited quantity. I always feared that if we ever started printing fewer books and switched to an electronic format, that the process of reading, the feeling you get sitting down to read a book, that somehow that feeling would be gone. The thing is, with very little adjustment, reading on a kindle is as engrossing as reading a regular book. Plus it stores the book right there, handy for re-reading anywhere.

The times change and technology moves forward. I think it is important that we have ways to keep reading books, even if we don’t have as many shelves of them. Be it on kindle, nook, ipads, phones–as we adjust to a changing world, it makes a writer like me feel excited knowing there are more and more ways for people to access my work.

And yes, Gaia Dreams will be coming out in paper and kindle format…on July 12, 2011.

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  1. Lisa Hazard says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait!

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