the value of teddy bears

There are things from childhood that we lose as we grow up. A favorite teddy bear, a special doll or army man, the raggedy old blanket that is required for sleep…we let go of all these things as we get older. Instead as an adult, a favorite cocktail or glass of wine, cigarettes, tranqulizers and anti-depressants…these are the things we learn to depend on, to settle our nerves, to help us sleep.

I say, let’s go back a bit and find the healthier alternatives of youth. There is nothing wrong with an adult owning a teddy bear. Becoming a collector of dolls or miniature dollhouses is entirely suitable. Even having a special blanket, like the one shown in the photo here, is fine–just call it an afghan, one you crocheted yourself if possible, and wrap up in it to watch TV and fall asleep on the couch.

One of the most useful things we can learn is how to soothe ourselves. Unfortunately, too often we turn to things like alcohol, sugary foods, drugs (prescription and non-prescription) and cigarettes, as ways to soften the rough edges of life. The first thought is not to go for a walk in the twilight, to say a prayer, to play with the dog or cat, to get creative in the kitchen with healthy ingredients. Most of us go for the quickest, easiest method to chill out.

I’m not saying that having your own special afghan will solve all your problems or prevent an anxiety attack. But it might just help you to get through such an attack, providing a touch of that old feeling of safety from when that special blanket of childhood had super powers.

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