bad days

Some days are more difficult than others when it comes to writing a book. You sit and stare at the screen, and nothing happens. Sometimes however, that is the big accomplishment–just sitting down at the computer. On really bad days, I will do just about anything rather than sit down at the computer. Suddenly I am thrilled at the idea of cleaning my kitchen, enthralled with my vacuum cleaner, delighted with dusting and generally prepared to do everything, even laundry, before I try to write.

It’s that scary.

Writing is like jumping from an airplane without a parachute. It is terrifying on some days. Fear that there are no more words, or that all the ideas will sound stupid. Fear that nobody will ever care to read it anyway, and that I am even beginning to bore myself. That last one, the boredom thing is kind of weird. I will start dreading reading the previous day’s work–something I usually do to focus my mind on what was going on when last I saw the characters–and as I think of reading it, I become convinced that I will hate it, that it will be totally boring. The good news is that I have yet to sit down finally and read the previous day’s work and become bored. Even knowing that though, does not stop the fear.

What I guess I’m saying is that writing takes some guts. Ultimately, if you are going to write, you have to shove all that crap out of your head, push past the fear, take the plunge and dive into the imagination.

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