adventures in growing things

rosemary Yes! It is a live plant you are seeing on my blog. Amazingly enough, I am now growing herbs on my balcony. I am, quite frankly, astonished at my courage.

My gardening adventures in the past would fit more into the horror genre than anything else. Yes, I have killed plants. Many plants. Many gardens. Indoor or outdoor, it never seemed to matter. If it was living, I would kill it. I finally gave up after throwing out the last batch of brown and withered houseplants.

So why am I trying again to grow something green? (Rosemary, Dill, Flat-leaf Italian Parsley, and Basil) My best friend Rachelle bought me an outdoor chair and table for my balcony, in hopes that I would actually spend some time in the fresh air. Excitement at my new chair led to intoxicating feelings of living in harmony with nature. Rachelle suggested I grow some flowers, but the thought of all those potentially dessicated blooms overwhelmed me. Then she saw some herbs in little pots at the store, and they looked so cute…and they look even cuter on my balcony! Hopefully this is the start of lots of great food spiced by these wonderful-smelling fresh herbs. And a big shout out to Rachelle for her encouragement and support.

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