the royal wedding

Yes, I’m actually going to write about the royal wedding. I’m sitting here at five a.m. watching the coverage on TV. Why, you ask? Well, there is just something about the spectacle of it that gets to me. Seeing so many people coming together to watch an event, seeing so many focused on the same thing, is fascinating to me.

I once read a book by Julian May where the combined focus of a lot of people led to a transcendence and communication with other species in outer space. I like the idea that a group’s mental focus can have some kind of extraordinary impact. For instance, there have been studies that show prayer by a group of people can help with healing. My own opinion is that the focus of a number of minds upon one person’s well-being does make a difference.

What I find interesting about this wedding, and all the hoopla surrounding it, is that institutions such as monarchies still exist in today’s world. There is an adoration of the people who function as a symbol for the country, people who really don’t do much except exist. But they are a powerful symbol, and we need our symbols. They bring us together as groups, providing a rallying point, a center to our scattered energies. We exist as solitary entities and we need things to bring us together. Today it happens to be the wedding heard ’round the world.

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