sounds of spring

treeSpring is here! I had to take a pic of this vividly bright green tree outside my window. Soon enough it will be hot enough to run the AC all the time, but today my windows are open to the warm humid air that signifies another year of growth. Of course it also signifies the invasion of more birds onto my balcony as they attempt yet again to drive me insane. You’d think by now they would not bother me so much, but the sounds of wings flapping and pigeons cooing can send me right over the edge. Yes, I have been known to yell at the birds on my balcony. (I am thankful every day that I’m not part of some reality show with a camera watching my antics.) So once more I will hope my large plastic owl out there will help scare some of them off. And once more I’m sure to be disappointed. Birds. I was clearly traumatized in childhood by watching Alfred Hitchcock’s movie of the same name. In any case, spring has sprung and the bird battle is on.

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5 Responses to sounds of spring

  1. Lisa Hazard says:

    You need a cat.

  2. Bri says:

    Why don’t you just get a REAL Owl to come and live on your balcony? He’ll sleep during the day anyway.

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