29,847 – That’s how many words I have written thus far in the new book. Comes out to about 100 pages. I am blown away by that number. I’m not sure I’ve had so much verbiage bubble up and out of me onto the page so quickly before in my life.

Here’s the thing–this story is barely getting started! I look at that number and I think the final number is going to be huge, too huge. The story is…big. I find myself thinking this morning, maybe I should trim here or there, be careful I don’t go too big. I think that…and then I say, NO! Now is not the time to cut, edit, trim or pare down. Strike while the iron is hot, seize the day, make the most of it, and any number of other cliches come to mind.

As a writer, I think the most important thing in the first draft is to NOT censor yourself. Let the story spill out in all it’s magnificence. Later will be soon enough to re-think the glory of it and say, “Okay maybe I’ve gone too far here.” Editing is editing. Editing is not writing, not the high-flying, hang on for dear life, wild ride of that first writing of the story. It is vital to get the story out without holding back–you never know what little piece will be the most exquisite part of the story later on.

So all right! 29,847! Way to go! Hang on tight, because this is the E ride.

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