music to write by

Finding the right music to write with takes a while. Now it is true that I have been known to procrastinate and not write in favor of listening to music to find just the right songs. Which can take forever. In this case, though, I am not procrastinating. I’ve discovered that the music I used to write the first book does not fit at all with the new book.

The problem is that there is TOO MUCH music in the world! The only way I know to find the best music for me during writing is to listen to pieces of music. I can tell within 30-60 seconds if the song will work for me. It is not always the same thing that draws me to a song. Sometimes the words grab me, maybe even just a phrase will resonate with some feeling or theme that I’m writing about. Other times it is the music itself–the beauty of it or the fun of it or the chaos of it. And sometimes it is all about the beat. There are moments in writing when I absolutely need to bounce my head (and more importantly, my brain) along to head-banging music.

As you can see, the above criteria mean that there is not a specific type of music I know will work every time. Or even half the time. In the first book I changed music three times. One time it was the music from a friend that got me back into writing after a bad episode of writer’s block.

So today I’ve only written a little bit as I became frustrated with the music. If it is the wrong music there is no flow. I’ve found some new songs but I need more. Hopefully soon I’ll get what I need.

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