surprising writing

Here is what I know: Every time I decide a course of action for one of my characters in the new book they deviate from it. They have minds of their own. I will put something in the outline, then I’ll try to write it out. And as soon as I start writing, off they go–in a totally different direction, ignoring me completely. I am left to type out their new thoughts and dialogue and actions, being as surprised as anyone at what these are. This leads me to think that either (a) I am crazier than I thought or (b) this book is going to be easier to write than the first one or (c) I’ve stepped into some alternate dimension where my characters have lives of their own. I’m really hoping the answer is (b).

Yesterday, I started to write a section on one character and suddenly up pops this guy from the first book that I had no intention of including in the second book. He just jumped into the action, spilling his thoughts willy-nilly all over the page. The thing is, I don’t even really like this character! But I suppose that could be a good thing…actually no, I don’t see how it is a good thing. I think my characters are out to drive me nuts. Ha ha, as I write that I’m thinking they have already succeeded. Oh well, as long as the words get put onto the page, I am getting somewhere. The worst thing is to have no words at all. The blank page is the nightmare.


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